Catherine Sherlock
Higher Mindfulness

Workshop: Practical Mindfulness

We’ll be exploring mindfulness from a broader and deeper perspective including examining some of the limitations with the way it’s commonly taught and giving you hacks to improve your meditation and mindfulness experiences.

Whether you’ve never tried mindfulness or meditation or you’re a seasoned practitioner, there’ll be something for everyone. The session will be interactive and experiential, so come with your questions.

The focus will be on creating practices that empower you in your work and life and help you breakthrough to goals.

About Catherine

After her Master’s, Catherine worked as an environmental and sustainability consultant. She served all levels of government, businesses large to small, non-profits and other agencies. Her work encompassed a wide range of areas including land management, change agent, program and policy development and education.

She loved that work:

  • Getting to work with all kinds of people and teams.
  • Helping agencies negotiate change and create innovative solutions.
  • Bringing people together and resolving conflict.
  • Helping tell new stories.

And yet, as much as she loved it, there was always a part that wanted more.

She felt a yearning to be able to facilitate deeper and lasting change. Solutions that were celebrated by clients still often felt like throwing tiny pebbles into a very large, deep bucket.

Over time, as she sought to facilitate greater transformation, more and more of her personal journey seeped into her work. As she did so, it became increasingly transformative for clients. She began to understand that real and easy change starts with shifting inner conditions. As people connect to their inner wisdom, they begin to see opportunities and choice points that weren’t visible before.

Higher Mindfulness

Higher Mindfulness helps people and businesses explore their potential and possibilities and break through to greater levels of inner power, awareness, emotional resilience and energy.

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