Alina Smolyansky

Workshop: Neurographica™: Drawing Your Way to Results

In her workshop, Alina will introduce you to an innovative way of creating desirable results in any sphere of your life – through a scientifically developed drawing method that allows one to connect directly to the subconscious mind. This proven method could be applied to professional or personal growth, team and community building, or simply enriching one’s life through new experiences.

Through an abstract algorithm-based drawing method, Neurographica™ offers and integrative approach to life and works in two ways: as an anti-stress and as a project-facilitation tool. With the help of simple geometric figures and lines, Neurographica™ can help ease the problems of the past, relieve emotional tension and transform fears and conflicts. Moreover, you will be able to turn them into resources and opportunities and draw your way to desirable results.

No art or drawing skills are required.

About Alina

Neuro Artist + Coach. Practical Dreamer. Seeker.

Neuro Artist – creates art with intent. Started with the ancient art form of icon painting, which is intended to establish dialogue with the subconscious mind through archetypes (sacred images) and continued into the most innovative art of Neurographica™ that communicates with the sub-conscious through simple shapes and special lines.

Practical Dreamer – turns fantasies into reality. From a career in finance and building engineering – to professional writing and translating – to visual arts (a full-time artist and art instructor, member of the Federation of Canadian Artists).

Seeker – believes that every life is a search for something very special. If it were not for this drive, humanity would not have advanced beyond the threshold of the cave.

Hobbies and Personal: Yoga practitioner for over 28 years, versed in several ancient spiritual traditions, fluent in three languages, a grateful daughter of her parents, happy wife.

Academic credentials: BA in Professional Communication (RRU), Diplomas in Architecture and Writing. 

About Neurographica

Neurographica™is a new and revolutionary transformational art method, created by Pavel M. Piskarev, Ph.D., that combines Gestalt therapy, NLP, analytical coaching, systemic family constellations, Western philosophies, and many other therapeutic modalities. Neurographica™ is very popular in Russia (the birthplace of P.M. Piskarev) and many countries in Europe and the Mediterranean, including Germany, Switzerland and Israel.

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