Mark Busse
Tilt Curiosity Labs at HCMA Architecture + Design

Lunch conversation:
Challenges of formal creativity initiatives in a corporate structure

What are the potential benefit of an operationalized creativity program? What organizational and cultural value lies in exposing a team to lateral thinking and fresh stimuli? This conversation will be about the creation and implementation of TILT Curiosity Labs at HCMA Architecture + Design, including the challenges and frustrations encountered along the way. Participants will be inspired to produce some creative disruptions in and leave with some simple ideas about a loose structure that they can apply in their organizations.

About Mark

Mark Busse is a strategist, communication designer, engagement specialist, and facilitator with a strong belief in the power of curiosity, creativity, conversation, and community as catalysts for positive impact and change. Mark’s career has put him on the frontier of applying design methods to social and strategic questions in business, community and the arts, and he is an outspoken design industry writer, speaker, and activist, serving on various industry boards, advisory councils, and education programs. As a Director at HCMA, Busse is a member of their interdisciplinary design practice and leads TILT Curiosity Labs, where the firm explores, experiments, and seeks new discoveries, approaches, and opportunities.

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