David Newman

Keynote: Dimensions of Organisational Creativity

Creativity and creative thinking has been identified as one of the top job skills needed in the 21st century. But, the education system, along with many organisational structures, have suppressed the creative capacity we all possess. Organisations frequently highlight creativity and innovation as important values, without having the necessary frameworks and environment in place to nurture those values.

For creativity to be integrated and flourish within an organisation, and to provide the fuel for innovation, there are a number of dimensions that need to be developed and nurtured: personal mindset, creativity tools, processes for creativity, environment, and leadership. These dimensions will be introduced during the opening presentation, with the workshops that follow introducing some of the tools and processes that both help increase creativity and the production of ideas, and increase employee engagement.

About David

David Newman is the Founder of Creatific and describes himself as a Creativity Alchemist. Since he was very young he has spent time on a range of creative pursuits and resisted the social norms suppressing creative ideas.

David teaches Creativity at the University of British Columbia, and previously taught creativity and entrepreneurship at SFU. He obtained an interdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts in Film, Theatre, Communication, and Public Relations, before spending many years in Asia working as a production manager, investment banking executive, executive recruiter, and university teacher. He left Asia to undertake a PhD at Simon Fraser University, where he has also taught since 2008. His teaching has provided opportunity to deepen his knowledge of creativity, and to develop his teaching of creative thinking skills. In addition to his university teaching, David has run creativity workshops in Vietnam and Hong Kong, and has provided keynote speeches for conferences in Vietnam and France. David also a certified coach and member of the International Coaching Federation.


Creatific was created to help both organisations, and the individuals in those organisations, to unleash and develop their creative capacity, resulting in transformative ideas that both powers innovation and makes the world a better place. Happier, more fulfilled and engaged employees is also a goal. Creatific is a network of partners and collaborators with expertise in the application of different tools and processes to unleash, develop, and integrate creativity within organisations. As well as offering a variety of workshops, Creatific offers coaching, consultancy and advisory, facilitation of ideation sessions and design sprints, and keynote speaking.

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