Paul Lopushinsky

Workshop: How to Create a Playful Framework for Your Workplace

There has been a rise in play in the workplace over the last couple of decades. However, too many organizations think all they need to be playful is to have a ping-pong table, or beer on tap. This does not appeal to everyone. 

In this session, we will review the benefits of play in the workplace, what most organizations get wrong about play in the workplace, the eight play personalities, and how your organization can make use of the eight play personalities to get the most out of play in the workplace.

Key takeaways from the workshop

  1. What leaders and organisations get wrong about play in the workplace
  2. What the eight play personalities are and discover which ones you fall under
  3. How to make use of the play personalities to boost your creativity

About Paul

Paul Lopushinsky (Law-puh-shin-ski) has worked in the Product Management and User Experience Design space since 2012, Paul is experienced with using the design thinking process to identify user needs and pain points, along with the user onboarding experience.

He has seen time and time again organizations will focus on the user, and not the employee.

Paul founded Playficient in 2018 to address this gap. Playficient helps organizations see the value in putting employees first, and making long-term investments into their employees and the employee experience.


Playficient helps organizations make employees their greatest investment.

We do this by offering the following services:

  • Helping organizations work on their employee onboarding process.
  • Helping organizations with their employee experience design through the use of the design thinking process. 
  • Helping organizations create more playful workplaces. We focus on creating a playful framework, one that is a mentality. 


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