Our services are research-informed drawing on neuroscience, psychology, business leadership, organisational behaviour, design, innovation processes, play, personal wellness, and experience. We partner with you to co-create the capabilities, growth and results you desire. We have a network of partners and collaborators with expertise in a wide range of areas, that we can draw upon as we co-create with you the services and programme specific for your needs. Our services cover all dimensions of organisational creativity: individual mindset, creativity tools, creativity and innovation processes, leadership for creativity, and environment (physical, psychological, and cultural). We work with corporate, not-for-profit, social enterprise, and governmental organisations.

Corporate training and facilitation

Do you have a training programme in place now training your team in creative thinking tools and processes?
Do you want to bring outside expertise in to augment your capacity?

We will co-create, develop, and run training programmes in different aspects of creativity tailored to your specific needs and results desired.

Possible training and facilitation programmes include:

  • Creativity workshops
  • Enhancing leadership for creativity
  • The art of questioning
  • Improv skills
  • Mindfulness for creative clarity
  • Lego® Serious Play®
  • Design sprints
  • Structured ideation sessions
  • Organisational storytelling
  • Design thinking processes
  • Facilitated brain storming
  • Retreat facilitation

If you don’t see something immediately applicable to your situation, talk to us.

Consulting and advisory services

What is your organisation doing now to deliberately nurture creativity and innovation?

Maybe you would like an outside opinion on the current state of your organisation for creativity and innovation. We are able to give you an independent opinion drawing on current research and knowledge regarding creativity and innovation processes internationally, and the experience and expertise of our network of partners and collaborators. Possible services we can offer include:

  • Evaluation of the current state of creativity and innovation processes in your organisation
  • Advice and recommendations to improve the dimensions of organisational creativity in your organisation
  • Frameworks for developing and embedding creativity within your corporate culture
  • Identification of specific external expertise for projects
  • Ongoing retained services as your Creativity Catalyst or Chief Creative Officer (or any other title we co-create) for 1 or 2 days a month.

This all starts with a conversation and an exploration of where you are at now and where you would like to be.


How could coaching help increase and develop the creative and innovative capabilities of your organisation?

Coaching for creativity: we offer coaching services to executives and senior leaders seeking to enhance their creative leadership capacity. The 2010 IBM study of insights from global CEO’s (Capitalising on Complexity) listed creativity as the number one leadership quality needed in the increasingly complex and volatile business environment. But, for most leaders, their creative capabilities have been stifled, suppressed, and under-developed as a result of education systems, society, and corporate cultures. A coach specialising in exploring and developing the creative capabilities can reverse that and help leaders unleash or enhance their creative capabilities.

We empower leaders to find, explore and develop their creative leadership style to best nurture and enable creativity and innovation in their people.

Team coaching: Effective teams have been found to be 40% (or more) better in developing creative ideas and innovation. But, there needs to be the right environment, processes, and trust in place for the team to be effective as a creative unit. Team coaches equip teams with the tools to be more effective in working together, coaching each other, and improving team outcomes.

Creatific can provide both executive coaching for creativity and team coaching expertise.

Thought leadership

We are able to provide keynote speeches for corporate and industry events that inspire and inform on a number of creativity-related areas. Dr. David Newman, Founder of Creatific, has many years experience at both senior management level, as well as an academic. He is a published author with international keynote speaking experience.

Creatific has partners and collaborators also providing thought leadership and professional speaking in this area. We provide thought leadership, provocative ideas, and inspiration. We will change your thinking about creativity, and introduce tools that will both facilitate the creative thinking, and empower the innovation process.